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      Massage is based on the theroy of channels and collaterals of the traditional Chinese medical sience. Using technique and acting on the specific part of the body periphery to adjust physiology function is the purpose of massage. Sport massage, medical treatment massage, and health care massage are three classification of massage.

1. Ralax the body and mind.

2. Dredge the channels, and relieve stress.

3. Strengthen body, and lengthen life.

4. Prevent common cold.

5. Prevent cerebral vascular clot.

6. Beneficial against neurosism and insomnia.

7. Beneficial against hypertention.

8. Beneficial against diabetes.

9. Balance the muscle energy.

10. Make the skin better and promote weight loss.

In your busy daily life, do you always feel tired? If yes, have you even paid attention on your daily behavior? No matter you are working in the office with the computer or you are doing physical working, you need a currect behavior and enough relax to avoid diseases. Feelling tired sometimes is a warning to us that the disease is comming! Using computer long time will cause cervical spondylosis and shoulder inflammation. Doing too much physical working will cause lumbar intervertebral disc protrusion and muscle pulled. Moreover, the quality of life is better and better, and  what we are eating is better and better. The phitosite can cause many diseases that hypertension, hyperlipemia, hyperglycemia, fatty liver and kidney syndrome, and so on. For avoiding diseases caused by wrong behavior, massage is one of the best way to help you prevent disease and relieve stress.